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cornwalldragon's Journal

3 July 1973
Well, let's see. Where to begin? For starters I'm a field tech. I mostly deal with computer hardware so anything from hard drives, motherboards, processors and memory for desktops and notebooks. I do some printer work too, but my skills aren't that refined yet. I'm not really a software guy, but I do some of that too. I mainly do work for various federal and provincial government operations so anything from finance to health to the justice system (court houses, police and jails). I also do some business accounts too. I do a lot of travelling depending on how busy I am or where my calls are located. Sometimes I cover about 500km a day!

I'm a graduate of the Systems Analyst Co-op program from Sheridan College. The college has a very nice animation program there too. I'm also a graduate of the Network Engineer program from Trios College. I have my certifications such as A+, Net+, CNA, MCP and CUSA. I'm still working on my MCSE but I think I'll go for my MCSA instead.

I live in a beautiful town here in Canada called Oakville. It's located right in between Hamilton and Toronto. Very easy to get to by car or train. It has a beautiful downtown core with a mix of historic and modern buildings, including a beautiful church, and if you want to take in some more history, take a walk down the streets to the south or up the streets to the north.

In my free time I'm either on the computer, listening to some tunes, doing some walking around the town, playing with my cockatiel Joey and my parents' bichon Toby, or cuddling up with my dragon Dougal. BTW that's Dougal in my userpics. He's a cutie. I do have an interesting hobby though, I do carnival modeling. I'll put in a journal entry about that later. I'm also a big railfan too. I love taking the train whenever I can. Hopefully I'll get my railroad empire up and running again.

That's pretty much all that I can tell you about myself. I hope you find my Live Journal a good read :). You're more than welcome to add me to your friends list and I'll add you in return.