Cornwall (cornwalldragon) wrote,

AF and the day after.

This was my very first time going to Anthrofest and despite all the problems with the hotel, more on that later, I had a good time. Not only did I enjoy the con but also enjoyed taking some time to walk around downtown Montreal.

I'm more used to the big cons like Anthrocon and Further Confusion so Anthrofest had a very different feel to it. It's as if it's geared towards one group but scheduled so that everyone can attend the events without missing anything. I know there were a few things that I missed but I still had a great time anyways. Fursuiters made up for about 12% of the con which wasn't too bad for a small con of this size.

The hotel was having problems with the air conditioning and the elevators. We were sweltering in our room once we checked in but each day seemed to be a little cooler than the next. Fortunately you can open the windows which was nice to allow the breeze into our room. The elevators were something else. First off they were too small, only a capacity of 8, secondly they would get stuck or one of the elevators would start to go down as the doors were closing and finally it got hot in the elevators too. The con staff wasn't very happy with the hotel and are seeking a hotel to host the con.

On the day after the con Stryker, D'Otter, Dan Skunk and myself decided to venture out and see some of the sights. First we headed over to Olympic Park, Stryker was already in suit and we took pictures of the Olympic Stadium and other buildings in the area. Our second stop was the Notre Dame Basilica. It was tough to find but we managed to find it. Truly a very beautiful church and there's free guided tours once you pay your $4 to get in. The basilica also houses the Sacred Heart Chapel which is also just as beautiful. Our last stop was near the BioSphere. We didn't go through it, just suited around outside it. Overall we had a great time.

Our trip home was later than I anticipated. I got lost trying to find the main highway out but managed to find it. One thing that I had to remember was to take a quick stop in Cornwall to suit up and pose in front of one of the signs. Eventually we made it there. Since we were short on time I had to suit up and get the pictures done quickly. Stryker managed to take four good pictures which was good enough and continued to make our way home again.

I do hope to go to Anthrofest next year since I really like walking around Montreal despite the language barrier there. There's lots of stuff so I think it'll be worth it to do it again.

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