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It's been a very long while and lots have changed.

This will be my first post here at LiveJournal since the passing of my mother. A lot has happened within this period of almost six years. Between that time I have moved from my home of 38 years in Oakville, Ontario to a nice home Hamilton, Ontario. I miss the old neighbourhood a lot as I'm trying to fit in with this neighbourhood. My dad decided to sell the house in Oakville and bought a house in a little hamlet called Caesarea and to have his brothers live with him. Prior to this my dad had brought on the subject of moving and I had told him that I didn't want to move. I only wish that he would have discussed him buying the house in Caesarea. Though my dad told me that I would be getting about 2/3 of the sale of the house in Oakville so that I could buy a place of my own.

My search for a new place to live started in Oakville. Unfortunately to get a real decent place you're looking at around $500,000 plus. These were either town or semi-detached homes and I wanted a little more privacy. I then started checking out the MLS listings and saw that Hamilton would be more ideal. Housing was much more cheaper. At the time I was mated to Ronnie and Bryagh was looking for work. So I thought that it would be nice to get a house for the three of us. That thought soon fell through since Bryagh couldn't find much in Ontario so he decided to stay in Quebec which left Ronnie and myself. I searched a number of good homes, some up on the mountain but I eventually found something nice in the lower east end. The sale of the house closed on December 20th, 2011 and I slowly got things moved in.

I had a very fortunate thing happen to me during the months of preparing to get things moved out. I had received a message from sparky_d in AIM. He told me that he was retiring his character and fursuit. I didn't know what to think of it at first, but I jumped on it figuring that I could provide a good home for Sparky. It was this suit that had inspired me to I didn't want to pass it up. I know that the suit wasn't designed for me to wear so I figured that Ronnie could wear it. I offered $1,500 USD for it and he accepted. Once Sparky was all paid for, I had it shipped to Spats Bear's place and Ronnie and I would go and pick it up. I had a few other things to pick up from him as well so best to pick up everything in one trip. We headed down on the Family Day weekend to pick up Sparky from Spats. Sparky was all packed in a large U-Haul box. I never had envisioned that I would be holding Sparky's head in my hands. The last time was during Further CONfusion in 2007 when I paid him a little visit. After getting the suit unpacked, Ronnie proceeded to put it on. The suit was an amazing fit for him! Of course it was great to see the suit in action again in person. Spats recorded a short video. Ronnie couldn't last very long in the suit and I soon discovered why. There were these hollow aluminum tubes where the nostrils were. I decided to take them out and cut a larger opening in the foam to see if that would help. It did help a little, but still not very good. Once I got the suit home I figured that I would see a friend who might have something that I could use. Some flexible PCV tubing with a larger opening did the trick! I soon wanted to see if Sparky would fit me. I bought some pillows from Ikea and soon bought some smaller pillows from the now defunked Zellers since I found that the body pod was a little snug on me. They all worked out good. The small pillows to fill out the legs and the large pillows for the belly. The feet were a problem. They were built around size 10 sneakers so that was a little too tight for me. I needed to have cuffs made for the hands and feet since the body suit wasn't designed for my measurements. Eventually I had proper fitting hands and feet made and Sparky was now fully wearable. Knowing that the suit was very old, eventually I would need to get something that was more fitting for me.

My relationship with Ronnie wasn't doing so well as I thought it would. Things seemed to be fine, but the later years fell flat. On the night of New Year's Eve of 2013, his father soon found out that we were mates. Ronnie delivered me the sad news the next day. He told me that I was no longer allowed to be near him or to be at either his father's or his mother's homes. Ronnie did say that he would do his best for us to meet up in private and we did that for a little bit. Unfortunately other things had followed suit. We decided mutually that we would no longer be mates and be very close friends. I was fine with this. But as the years went on and when he started to get into alcohol, things started to fall apart. He was very different around his dancer fur friends. Being all rowdy and drinking. I didn't like that at all. With him getting a new fursuit, Tien-Long, it had also caught the attention of Kage. He started becoming part of his entourage. Eventually MFF 2013 was the final blow. He was telling me who I should hang out with when I wanted to hang out with him. From then on he wanted to room with others at future conventions. Soon after it got to the point where I could take no more of it. Seeing that he would wear other people's suits and make others happy while I ended up with excuses, I decided to end our friendship of six years. I was not prepared for the aftermath of this, but it had to be done. Unfortunately it doesn't take much for me to get thoughts of him.

This year hasn't had a very good start for me. I got a call from my uncle that my dad was in the hospital and things didn't look good. He told me that they had found black spots on his lungs and his liver was cancerous. It was a devastating blow for me to hear. I never had envisioned that I would now be losing my other parent. I would head periodically to the hospital out in Bowmanville whenever I could get there to see my dad. He was very weak and trying to get him to eat anything was difficult. With my uncle and I seeing the doctor we discussed on our options as not very much could be done. It was determined that the cancer had started in my dad's lung and has spread. Dad couldn't return home so that it was best to make things as comfortable for him as we could. On February 6th I had finished work a little early and was at the office. I was going to go and see my dad, but I figured that it would be too late by the time I got there. When I got home I soon got the call from the hospital. They told me that my dad had passed away. I had made the funeral arrangements and have been trying to get the bills paid out of the estate. To make matters worse, my dad had no will. It's been almost five months and the process of me getting to be the appointed guardian trustee without a will has been completed. As for what to do with my dad's house. I was going to sell it, but since my uncle has been living there I thought that maybe the idea of a rental property would be a better route. I've come up with something that my uncle can easily afford and I just need to draft things out. In the end I still have quite a bit to sort out.
Cornwall 3

My mother passed away.

This morning my father got the call from the hospital at around 4:30am this morning that my mother had passed away. Little did I know that when her sister and I left the hospital last night that this would have happened as she appeared to be fine. Four years ago she had stage four breast cancer. After having surgery to remove it and her chemotherapy that she was given a clean bill of health that the cancer was gone. Seven weeks ago her breast cancer had returned and spread to her liver. It's still very hard for me to believe that she was perfectly fine one day and then the next all very weak and confused. She's going to be missed very dearly by her friends and family. June 7, 1944 - August 19, 2011.
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Cornwall 3

Suit progress.

For those who are wondering my suit is still being worked on. So far all that I know is that the head and body are finished leaving the hands and feet to be worked on. Unfortunately my emails on the progress of the suit and for some pictures go unanswered. Maybe I should have just taken the head and body while they were done and got someone else to do the hands and feet. There's also supposed to be wings for the suit so I don't know if those are done as well. Hopefully I'll get a reply soon.
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